We are now preparing for our 2014 program in collaboration with Explora hotel. We will be accepting applications for intern instructors until the end of February '14. Join us in our 11th year of exciting and rewarding fieldwork on Easter Island! To learn more about the opportunity, please use the link to the right.

Estamos preparando para el programa 2014, cual será apoyado otra vez por hotel Explora. Buscamos ayudantes voluntarios al profesor del taller hasta el fin de Febrero. Mas información, visite el link "Apply Now" a la derecha.
All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated directly to educational outreach on Easter Island!!

Todos los fondos recaudados con la venta de este libro serán donados al programa educativo TAO de isla de Pascua.

For more information, email terevaka.netgmail.com
  1. To utilize archaeology as a foundation for education and opportunity within Rapa Nui's island community.
  2. To promote awareness and expertise in cultural conservation and archaeology.
  3. To document, study, and conserve the remarkable treasures of the past that remain on Rapa Nui today.
  1. Utilizar la arqueología como una fundación de educación y oportunidad dentro de la comunidad Rapa Nui.
  2. Aumentar los reconocimientos y capacidades de conservación cultural y arqueología.
  3. Documentar, investigar, y conservar esos vestigios del pasado que aún existen en la isla hasta hoy.
MOAI: a New Look at Old Faces unravels the mysteries of the giant stone statues on Easter Island. The author, archaeologist Brett Shepardson, shares a database of more than seven hundred statues to offer a startling new look at the statues' role in prehistory and challenge the notion of island-wide catastrophic collapse...
All of our projects address critical research questions in archaeology and also include strong conservational components. Our students are involved in all stages of the projects from design to fieldwork to publication. Their participation ensures cultural awareness and helps to develop professional skills. The projects implement non-invasive methods and technology at a professional level.

Explore our past and ongoing projects by exploring the links to the right.
Todos nuestros proyectos tienen aspetos de investigaciones arqueológicas y de conservación. Nuestros estudiantes tienen responsibilidad por los proyectos, desde su diseño y trabajo de campo hasta su publicación. Su participación ayuda a conocer mejor la cultura de la isla y al mismo tiempo a desarollar capacidades profesionales. Los proyectos concentran en métodos no-invasivos, para proteger el medio ambiente y el patrimonio cultural.

Para conocer mejor a nuestros proyectos pasados y actuales, visite los links a la derecha.

...After thirteen years of work promoting non-invasive research and education outreach, Shepardson relays the story of one outsider's efforts to change the nature of archaeology on the island from external exploitation to internal sustainability, and how he came to be accepted as an island insider in the process.
Terevaka.net Archaeological Outreach is a volunteer organization founded and directed by archaeologist Britton Shepardson. We are proudly supported by hotel Explora, Easter Island Foundation, and the Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert. We have hosted volunteer instructors from six different countries.

For more information, contact terevaka.netgmail.com
Terevaka.net Archaeological Outreach es una organización voluntaria fundida y dirigida por el arqueólogo Britton Shepardson. Nuestros auspiciadores incluyen hotel Explora, Easter Island Foundation, y el Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert y varios individuos generosos. Nuestros profesores voluntarios han venido de seis distintos paises.

Para mas información, contacte terevaka.netgmail.com

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